For the health and safety of our artists, patrons, and volunteers, The Auxiliary of 北岸大学卫生系统 has made the decision to cancel the 美国工艺博览会sition (高手) in 2020.
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The 美国工艺博览会sition will be back in 2021 from
In the meantime, 高手 is producing a series of virtual events titled 高手 艺人: Face to Face.
Click here for more information and how to register!
General Admission 门票
利益预览派对 门票

The 美国工艺博览会sition (高手)?is?one of the country’s premier fine craft shows, bringing together over 140 superior artisans exhibiting one-of-a-kind pieces, luxury collections and uniquely creative, museum quality artwork.


门票 for 高手 2021 will become available in summer 2021.




应用s for the 2020 美国工艺博览会sition are now closed. 应用s for 2021 will open December 2020.


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